Molly Rider's Upcoming Memoir:


The Lonely Runner: A True Story of Bullying, Adventure, and Triumph.

Written for girls ages 11-15 years old

A split-second decision is all it takes.


Molly Rider is a bullied, lonely klutz in every aspect of her life: From her mismatching clothes to her pig nose and un-shaved armpits. 


Molly finds herself acting on a fleeting impulse that will ultimately define her life in unimaginable ways.

She teeters, caught between two worlds:

The first, her home in New Hampshire where she barely even exists as a meek tenth-grader after being bullied in middle school....

The second, is a dream, an idea, a hope she has at the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  

But, can Molly shake off the ghosts of bullies past? 

Will Molly be brave enough and fast enough to do it?

This tense, pulse-quickening memoir is an unflinching look at how one girl was cruelly spurned by her peers, and shamed by even the most loving adults in her life.


With one final push, she sprints down the road hoping the Grand Canyon can change her life for good.

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Molly Rider

Writer, Storyteller, Author of Upcoming Memoir