Molly Rider is a writer, storyteller, and author of her upcoming memoir:


The Lonely Runner: A True Story of Bullying, Adventure, and Triumph.

She has spent the last decade telling true stories LIVE at Moth Storyslams.  She has also published many articles that highlight her truth, including everything from wearing period underwear and dating, to waking up with the rage and detoxing.


Molly’s vulnerable, vivid, and no-nonsense storytelling shines through in all of her work. 


Molly has a Bachelors Degree in English from Hobart and William Smith colleges. She’s a certified elementary education teacher and a lifelong writer.


Her senior year in high school, Molly won a local essay contest and earned five hundred dollars. It was the most she’d ever earned for a single activity in her life up to that point. 


Molly Rider

Writer, Storyteller, Author of Upcoming Memoir