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I’m a BIG Why person. Every new project begins with exploring the deeper mission behind it. This is true whether I’m working with an Entrepreneur, a Coach, a Startup, a Small Business, or a Tech Company. I strive to create fans out of customers and to inspire family-style loyalty from patrons and company team members alike. I enjoy exploring creative, out of the box ways to connect with the customer base so that they feel their purchase choice is also a reflection of their personality. When a purchase becomes a part of a customer’s identity, they will make it despite cost or sales gimmicks run by competitors.

One tool I like to use with entrepreneurs and project teams is a Human Design Chart. Just as a company and an individual project has a BIG Why,  so too, do people. Understanding our strengths, weaknesses and preferred communication styles creates a cohesive, efficient team.

Together, let’s invite people on a journey and inspire them to act.

If you’d like to connect, please fill out the form below.  Or, feel free to reach out at: I'd love to hear what you have percolating.

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