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Improve Your ROI & Production Quality With These SOPs

Whether you work for yourself or you have a large team, you need a growing number of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your business to maintain quality production in everything you put out there from your social media posts to your products and services.


There is nothing sexy about SOPs but they help ensure that you are getting the greatest ROI from your marketing efforts. They also allow you to collect more accurate data on what’s working and what’s not working in all areas of your business so that you can test new ideas and procedures and see which ones improve your company’s results.


Don't forget the grace and ease that SOPs can bring to the new team member training period. It’s hard enough to find someone great to join your team, then it can take months to train them. If you’re hiring people on a part-time or contract basis there is no guarantee that they’ll stick around. So, the more you can provide new team members with SOPs to follow, the faster you can bring them up to speed and the greater likelihood your customer service will maintain its level of excellence.

The five areas of your business that you need SOPs in order to improve your ROI & Production Quality include:



1.  The Sales Funnel


What is the flow of the customer experience from first touch point to repeat buyer and company evangelist? Based on where a potential customer enters the funnel what happens first, second and third? What are the expectations? Who in the company is monitoring this and who is following up?



2.  Customer Service


Because it is much easier to turn a first-time buyer into a repeat buyer than to make that initial sale, you want to make sure that the post-sale procedure and customer service is clear.  Who handles the customer’s questions, how quickly is a reply expected and where does the question go if your customer service team doesn’t know the answer? Also, consider your company voice and include it in your customer service SOPs. Each company has its own unique voice — how do you want your customer service to sound and feel?



3. Marketing


What is your process for attracting potential customers to your products and services? What is your social media marketing strategy and implementation procedure? What needs to happen before a blog is published? How do you put your newsletters together? How do you promote your free opt-ins? Each piece of your company marketing needs an SOP.



4. Workflow


Whether you are hiring independent contractors or you have employees, giving them workflow guidelines can help create better communication. For example, how do you establish priority with your to-do list? Where can an employee or contractor look to confirm deadlines? What are your expectations with first drafts, final drafts and publication?



5. Finances


Whether you’re working with a financial team or you’re handling the company finances by yourself, it’s vital that you are a part of creating these procedures. You want to know what’s happening with your company's money at any moment.  Clear financial procedures give you the peace of mind to sleep at night.  For example, with payouts this will include your entire invoicing or time card process from how they’re received, to how they are processed and paid, as well as how business expenses are tracked and paid. Likewise, how your books are tracked each month and how your company’s taxes are being handled. And, with payments received, you need a procedure for taking payments, tracking payments and so on.


Is your head spinning with where to start? Set up a consultation with me and I’ll get you sorted out.


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