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Credibility Emails & Subject Lines: 

4 Important types For Your Next Launch

Opening your sales cart? Or launching a holiday special? Here are 4 emails & possible subject lines you can use to best highlight your credibility!


1.  What The Experts Say!


You want experts in your profession or in a reciprocal profession to talk about the validity of your product or the benefits of your product.


For example, if you’re selling a wardrobe style product, then you want someone from HR to talk about the importance of first impressions and getting a good job. You could also bring in a successful relationship coach to talk about how your style can influence how confident you feel on a date.


Possible Subject Lines:
  • Your ______ and insights from an industry expert.

  • Here are what 7 of our favorite experts are saying…

  • Check out what THIS Expert learned about [Insert Your Topic Here] and [Insert Benefit or Pain Point Here]



2.  Statistics!


Show that you’ve got statistics to back you up.


For example, if you are promoting a children’s book or series, you will want to highlight the fact that “a child who is raised in a home containing at least 500 books is 36 percent more likely to graduate from high school and 19 percent more likely to graduate from college” - as found in a study done in 2007 by MDR Evans.


Statistics have a unique ability to connect with viewers' emotional core on both the pleasure and pain side. For example, in this instance, a parent may feel pleasure at the idea of helping their child graduate from college while simultaneously feeling pain that they haven't done more up to this point.


Possible Subject Lines:

  • Did you know?!

  • Would you like to increase your chances of X by X percent?

    • Or, in this case: “1 simple way you can increase your child’s chances of graduating from college by 19%?

  • This statistic may change the way you think about X forever!



3.  Testimonials


With testimonials, the more evidential proof you can provide the better. In our age where Photoshop is used everywhere, we’re taught to believe less and less of what we see. So, if you include before and after photos, I also recommend including a written testimonial to go along with it and a link to a third party site where your followers can verify the truth. This can be as simple as linking to the Instagram feed or Facebook page of the person who gave the testimony.


Another route to go is sharing video testimonials in your emails. Most people are stiff and awkward on camera, if this is the case for your successful clients, then get their testimonial interview-style. Have yourself or someone on your team interview them. This can be done individually or in a whole group. Interview testimonials are just as effective and a million times better than an awkward solo-video testimonial.


When it comes to testimonials, I recommend including at least 3 in an email. If the testimonials are too long to include in one email, then make it clear that this is one testimonial of a series of three that you’ll be sharing.


Possible Subject Lines:

  • You don’t have to take my word for it

  • Learn how [Name], [Action] and got [Benefit]

    • For example, Learn how Sally lost 10lbs and got a 10K Raise!

  • I cried when I heard this.



4.  Your Background & Business Success


Sharing your own personal credibility within the company - or the company’s general credibility - is another powerful tool to use in a credibility email. For example, consider including websites, print magazines, or newspapers where you or your company have been published, and radio shows, news channels and/or podcasts where you or your company have been featured.


It’s also important to include your own story and mission. Talk about where you and/or the company started and where you/it are now. Share your mission and why it’s important to you. These elements add substance and validity to what you are doing. Buyers like to be a part of a success story and a powerful mission. Give your readers a story to share with their friends and family when they talk about this purchase!


Possible Subject Lines:

  • Why take/get [Insert Product/Service] from HER/HIM/US?

    • Example, “Why take advice from HER?”

  • Did you know we started [create picture of origins]?

    • Example, “Did you know we were two lonely, stay-at-home moms?”

  • When [Insert Publication] Shares THIS It Must Be BIG/Important!

    • Example, "When The New York Times Shares THIS It Must Be Important!"




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