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Have you ever had one of those low-energy days that just wouldn't lift, no matter what you did?


Despite going to the gym, talking to a friend, having a good cry, or even releasing the shame story that's running around in your head, you can't get out of your funk. 


You are not alone. I've totally been there and in this article I share why knowledge of my human design chart was vital, plus the 3 self-honoring tools I used to help myself move through my day with as much peace as possible. Click HERE to continue reading.

On tough days I sometimes believe that binge-watching TV shows on Netflix & Hulu was made for our survival brain... the fight, flight or freeze response that kicks in when we're afraid or overwhelmed.


Avoidance feels like a far more manageable plan than facing the overwhelm.


When I noticed my binge-watching start to spiral out of control, I gave myself a detox and here is what I learned...


Click HERE to continue reading.

How many times have you started a project and then never followed through? Maybe you've caught yourself making aspirational plans and stopping in the idea phase?

The trap of perfectionism plagues many people. So fear not — you are not alone. Its origin dates back to an industrial-aged mindset in which everything must be done perfectly the first time. But, the reality is that nothing is ever done perfectly the first time — in fact, maybe nothing is done perfectly, ever.

This notion reflects an illusion that, more than anything, precludes us from accomplishing goals. So, use these seven tips to accomplish more and free yourself from perfection.  Click HERE to continue reading.


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