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Zenefits Content Management Pitch

At the end of January, my manager asked me to pitch improvements to the Help Center content layout for a complete reorganization and new design. In the below pitch I made the following six suggestions.

To create a Help Center space that allows a user to find answers quickly and easily, it’s vital that the user is able to instantly:

  1. Identify Themselves. For example,  Administrator or Employee

  2. Identify Their Problem Type from the Category Titles. For example, Set up / Legal / Funding / Changes / Reimbursement

  3. Click Only Once to Get Full List of Questions 

    1. And, remain on the current page

  4. Click Only Once To Get Answer

    1. Remain on current page. Or, only be taken to one separate page with all of the categories questions & answers.

  5. Provide Immediate Feedback & Share Links Directly From The Q & A Page

  6. Add the Help Center to the Zenefits App.

    1. And, make the Help Center more mobile friendly when accessing it through browser apps like Safari.


This pitch was very well received and in process before the company's mass reduction in force.


"I was blown away by your pitch. Really great work."

 - Leaf Pell, Content Strategist Leader, Zenefits


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