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Improve Business Productivity

and Communication


Human Design

Would you like to improve productivity for yourself and your team members?


Do you work with anyone who doesn’t understand your communication style?


Would you like to feel more aligned with your sales strategy?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then I highly recommend utilizing Human Design, a cutting edge business tool.



Human design can improve staff morale and help you utilize your team members' strengths faster and more efficiently.


Imagine harnessing each team member's unique skill sets to help grow your business with ease and flow.


There are five Human Design Types. Each type has a specific set of skills for business. You and your team members can learn about your talents and how to use them for marketing, sales, management and creation.


If you’re interested, book a consultation today. I will email your human design chart and we can examine the details together.

The Human Design reading Molly gave me helped me in so many ways and even though it's been over a month the teachings are still unfolding. What stands out for me at the moment and was so extremely powerful was that Molly revealed elements of my human design chart and personality that now allow me to completely trust my gut instincts. She's helped me release about 90% of my worry and anxiety. This coming from a person who stressed over every move I made and went back and forth agonizing over how to know what's the right thing to do. Now I know just getting quiet  and listening to my instincts is the best way to proceed. Thank you Molly for that amazing gift!!!!!


What I liked most about Molly's coaching is her clear, direct way of explaining what could be a very complicated reading. Her confidence and compassion for your process shines through and you are left with such a supportive space to work in.


I would highly recommend having a reading from Molly if you would like a very clear understanding of what human design is and how it can benefit you in your life and career. Not only is the explanation clear but Molly offers guides on how to be your best self in all situations.

I had challenges with perfectionism and decision making and I used to be so critical of these characteristics about myself. Now I feel clear, more accepting, more empowered, more aware and can really recognize how to use my design to ensure I am fulfilled. I felt I learned who I was!  


Molly has such a gift in her way of breaking down all of the insights gained from a Human Design. She immediately helps put your insights into action/awareness which has a profound and immediate impact on your life and thoughts.  


Working with Molly has been incredibly helpful for me in terms of working with my teams at work.  

Human Design is a mind blowing, heart opening experience that allows you to understand so much more about yourself. While it is a very deep and amazing experience it is also very logical and actionable. You can immediately start using the insight you gain from a HD reading with Molly. 

You don't have to take my word for it...

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