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5 Emails You Must Send During A Launch

After spending months creating your book, course, product or program, it’s time to release your creation into the world. It’s time to launch!

Launching will disrupt your normal email & blogging schedule. Actually, it will disrupt everything! But, here are 5 emails that your audience will be interested to read and excited to learn.


1.  Credibility Emails


Credibility emails prove the credibility of you, your company and your product. They can come in four different types including:

  • Expert Share

  • Statistics

  • Testimonials

  • Business Success & Mission Driven


These emails give your fans additional information to ponder and get behind as they make the decision to purchase your product or service.

To learn more about the 4 credibility emails and check out sample subject lines, CLICK HERE.



2.  Benefits Emails!


During a launch, you will most likely want to schedule 2 or 3 benefits emails. In each email pick one or two benefits to highlight.


In these benefit-focused emails you will want to be:

  • Simple and memorable

  • Personally relevant

  • Focus on the result (happier, safer, sexier, wealthier)

  • Drive action


What will happen for the customer once they’ve used your product or service? How will they feel? In what tangible ways will their life change? Will anyone else in the customer’s life also be positively affected?

For example, Aflac’s commercial of “get paid in one day” is simple and memorable. It focuses on the one benefit of getting your money quickly after an accident. And, the commercials make this personally relevant by showing all of the painful ways we often can’t access our money right away.  The result of getting paid in one day makes us happier and wealthier.



3.  Pain Point Emails


With pain point emails, you want to first identify the pain point. For example, if you’re running a life coaching company, a pain point might be that potential students have been told they’d make a good life coach but feel like a fraud because they don’t have any credentials.


So, your subject line might be:  “Want to be a life coach, but feeling like a fraud?”


Then, in the body of the email you agitate the pain point by making it real - putting it in a relatable context.


For example, “Are you afraid to market yourself as a life coach because you don’t have any real credentials?  Do you worry you’ll get sued or that no one will hire you because you haven’t had any proper training?

Then, lastly, solve their problem with your product or service. In this example, life coach training.



4.  Time-Sensitive Bonus Emails


Emails about time-sensitive bonuses are a powerful tool to use at the beginning and end of your sales cart launch.


As adults, we make about 35,000 decisions a day. These decisions range from the quick and simple ones like, “will I sprinkle cinnamon on top of my coffee today, or no?" To big decisions like, “will I put a bid in on this house?!” It’s no wonder we’re exhausted, overwhelmed and do everything in our power to put off big decisions for as long as possible.


So, while your potential clients and customers may be wholly moved by your products testimonials and the benefits it will bring into their lives, they may still put off the decision to purchase because they have time. When you give them an incentivized deadline, you are forcing the decision and it’s ‘shit or get off the pot’ time!


When considering bonuses, you need to do your market research and figure out what your audience likes! What do they purchase? What can’t they live without. Are they die-hard Starbucks drinkers? Or Mac users? What kind of gift card to their favorite store would help make that time-sensitive decision for them?


Subject Lines for Time-Sensitive Bonuses:

  • (Time Sensitive) Snag your favorite gift card, now!

  • Your VIP Bonus will disappear in X hrs.

  • I’m only giving away my favorite ____ for another 3hrs, did you get yours?



5.  Cart Opening Soon & Cart Closing Emails


In the days & weeks leading up to your cart opening, you want to be warming up your audience to the idea of your launch with a few Cart Opening Soon Emails. In these emails, get personal. Talk about why you’ve created this new product or service. Slip hints about the benefits and early action bonuses. You may even consider creating an “early interest” email opt-in to include in these emails, so you can get a list of who’s paying attention and already keen to purchase your new product or service.


On the other end of your launch, you want to clearly mark its end with a count down. This is usually a good time to bring back one of your bonuses (something you can retroactively give to everyone who enrolled during your cart open period, since you don’t want to penalize anyone who purchased early).


Usually a cart closing countdown will start 48 hrs out and increase with frequency as you get closer to the ending time. For instance, you may include emails with the subject line:

  • Less than 24hrs left.

  • Only 12hrs left.

  • Don’t miss out! Cart closes in 6 hrs.

  • What are you waiting for? Only 3hrs left.

  • It’s go time. 60 minutes or less!



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