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After spending months creating your book, course, product or program, it’s time to release your creation into the world. It’s time to launch!


Launching will disrupt your normal email & blogging schedule. Actually, it will disrupt everything! But, here are 5 emails that your audience will be interested to read and excited to learn.

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Opening your sales cart?


Launching a holiday special?


Here are 4 emails & possible subject lines you can use to best highlight your credibility!

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Your favorite superheroes can do more than inspire you to play BIG in your life, they can even teach you a few lessons on how to improve your website copy.


I LOVE that the Avengers has brought together a whole crew of beautiful, powerhouse superheroes and (even better) entrepreneurs can take away more than just a lesson in how to save the planet. Warning…Spoiler Alert!


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Copy & Marketing:

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