On Stage Storytelling & Dancing:

The Moth Presents -

How a Galvanizing Application Letter Changed EVERYTHING!

Enjoy this EPIC story of collaboration between my dad and me. Not only did our galvanizing application letter changed EVERYTHING, but it also caused a near-miss accident and an article in the Union Leader, a local paper.


The best part for me was that my parents were in the audience to listen and my dad had no idea I was going to tell a story about us! 💖💖💖

Crude Mechanicals Presents Molly Rider and her Hilarious Tale of Heartbreak

I had a blast performing with Crude Mechanicals In San Francisco at The Palace Theater for their show “So This Sucks” on Valentine’s Day.


Seven of us performed on stage telling our stories of heartbreak!

My brother filmed it for me. It was so encouraging to have him, his partner, and my parents in the audience.


The lesson from my story: What happens in Vegas should always, ALWAYS Stay In Vegas AND Airbnb has my heart.

Salesforce Has Talent - Living Room Flash Mob for Charity

Salesforce hosted a "Salesforce Has Talent" competition with the chance to win 10K for a charity of our choice, (The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester New Hampshire)


We re-wrote the lyrics to the song, "Can't Stop The Feeling" and the incredibly talented Sarah Glassman recorded it for us.


Dance sensations, Lauren Abrami and Elizabeth Johnson taught us a dance routine to the song and we hosted a living room flash mob with over fifty people to learn and put this together.


Why the MHCGM? My fam is closely connected to the Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester NH. An essential organization during this time (and always) that has lost a lot of funding. My dream was to win this money for this organization and all the good it does for the people of New Hampshire. https://www.mhcgm.org/donate/

We made it to the Semi-Finals! 

The Moth Presents - Molly Rider and the Bed Bug Scare

It was my first EVER trip to Hawaii. Growing up on the east coast, it felt like a big deal. In my mind, people only ever went to Hawaii for their honeymoon and this was not my honeymoon. I spoke with a colleague of mine living in Ireland. She understood. She said, "Soon you'll be able to talk about life as 'before Hawaii and after Hawaii'." We laughed. It felt so true. I wanted this trip to be perrrrrfect! 


But, two days into the trip, I noticed these BIG bug bits on my hip and lower back. They hurt. They hurt more than normal mosquito bits and they weren't really itchy. I ignored them, telling myself they were Hawaiin Mosquitos.


Unfortunately, the bug bits didn't go away. Instead, they increased and they hurt more. But, it wasn't until the flight home where I finally faced the pain and started googling.... BAD IDEA!!! 


Going through all the bites it could be, I realized they most resembled Bed Bug Bits! I was HORRIFIED. I'd lived in NYC. I knew how a case of bed bugs could cause you to have to throw everything out that you owned. I desperately didn't want it to be that.


I'll never forget what happened when I finally went to the doctor's!

The Moth Presents -

A Cross-Atlantic Love Affair Gone Horribly Wrong with a Hilarious Ending

My name was drawn from the hat to tell a 5min story at The Moth in San Francisco.


The theme... Betrayal!!!


I told a story about a personal cross-Atlantic love affair gone TERRIBLY wrong.


But, it has a hilarious, happy ending due to a fantastic (and sympathetic) Airbnb host! 💗


Molly Rider

Writer, Storyteller, Author of Upcoming Memoir