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How To Reach Out To PotenTial Sponsors

Whether you're organizing a physical event or an online launch, having sponsors can help make your event even bigger!


However, the idea of approaching a potential sponsor can feel daunting. So, to help you put together outreach emails to potential sponsors, I'm sharing an email outline I have used to help my clients get all kinds of sponsorships — from financial sponsorships to gifts, name recognition and more.



Potential Sponsor Email Outline:


Hey [First Name],


I wanted to reach out to you as the [insert your company's name, your title and your name here] because [ something personal about how our brands are aligned].


Additionally, I really love what you are doing with _____.  [Include Details about why you love the brand and how it relates to your blog content to show you’ve done your research.]


This [Insert Time Frame, for example, September] I am running my [YOUR EVENT NAME] for the X time. As a part of the [Event Type, for example: Online Challenge], I would LOVE to showcase your [INSERT PRODUCT NAME NERE] and possibly offer it as a raffle prize to one or a few lucky people who participate in the [YOUR EVENT NAME] in a BIG way!


As a part of this [Event Type, for example: Online Challenge] your company logo and product image would go on our promotional materials for the event. It would also be in our emails and our social media posts.


Over the past X times I’ve run the [YOUR EVENT NAME] I’ve had XXXX people opt in and XXXX people participating on a daily basis. For this launch I’ll be emailing XXXXX people and putting promotional materials in front of my social media audience which is XXX big on XX platform.


While my list and following is [Insert Potential Objection Here], they are all people in your target audience. They are people who [NAME THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE HERE].




If this feels aligned for you, I’d love to talk with you further about the opportunity of raffling something off during the [YOUR EVENT NAME].


You can reach me at: email & cell phone number


I look forward to hearing from you and will follow up within the week.


Thanks so much,


[your name]







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