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Jeannine Yoder

Mentor Masterclass: Coaching Entrepreneurship

From conception to execution, I worked with the CEO, Jeannine Yoder, as well as Engineer, Em Boden, and Designer, Tina Jaro, to put together the Mentor Masterclass Self Study Course for helping Coaches grow their business.


My role was to be the content strategist as well as project manager to ensure that we published on time.


Key Content Strategist Elements:

1. Sleek and Simple Design -  The appeal of this self study course is the business insight provided by the 6 figures coaches interviewed in the course. Our goal was to make it as quick and easy as possible to get started. We also wanted these 6 figures coaches to be effortlessly identifiable. Thus, we decided to include a welcome video with ho-to next steps above the clickable images of the 6 figure coaches. We also used the header 1 font style to highlight their names, making the page easy to scan. Lastly, instead of alphabetical order, we chose to put them in the order that they appeared in the Launch of this product (a free Holiday Challenge).

2. Diversity - It was important to us that our 6 figure mentors came from a diverse background. Likewise, we made sure to include a couple of male voices. While the target audience are millennial females looking for successful female role models, we wanted them to hear from a few men in the successful coaching entrepreneur


3.  Support & Upgrading - At the bottom of the self-study membership site, we decided to include 3 additional buttons.

1. Join us LIVE & In person - This button leads to an upsell into the full Mentor Masterclass Program and Jey's In person Retreats. We chose the copy "Join us LIVE & In person" to highlight the key difference between the self study and the full program. Additionally, a user that signs up for an online course, is aware that "LIVE" and "In person" are two different experiences. You can be LIVE on FB or over the phone with someone without being physically "in person." Thus, with this audience, we wanted to be sure to highlight both features.

2. Sisterhood & Support: Access All Links and Emails - I advocated for the subtitle because "Sisterhood and Support" can mean different things to different users. We wanted to be clear that this is where they could find the link to the FB group and the emails to their fellow members as well as the company support email.

3. Lost or Confused? Create Calmness Here. - Before they even landed on the page, we already wanted them to be tapping into that sense of calmness. By including the intended result on the button, we noticed a remarkable difference in the tone of the emails we received asking for support.

NOTE: Keep scrolling to see an example of the Guest Mentor Video Pages and notes on the Content Strategy.

Example: Self Study Membership Site Home Page

Key Content Strategist Element for Interview Training Pages: (See example below)

1. Celebrity Coach Bio - Before our self-study members started the video training with each 6 figure coach, we wanted to make sure they had a clear understanding of the coach's background as well as their current work. The more our clients reached out for support from these other complimentary 6 figure coaches they better ROI the user would have as a result of purchasing the self study. 

2. Icon Microcopy  -  Our designer, Tina, made the cutest (on brand) icons for the downloadable video cheat sheet and the free gift that each 6 figure coach offered exclusively to users.  However, the icons alone didn't provide clear calls to action. So, I advocated for copy being added to the icons. Thus, they now also say, "Click here to download."and "Click here for free gift from mentor." This reduced the number of questions emailed to us (and asked in the FB group).


3.  Cheat Sheet Content Strategy - Based on the Beta Test of this course, we found we needed to help highlight the key concepts we wanted users to glean from the interviews. We also needed a way to keep them engaged in the material. Thus, the cheat sheet was born. The user's liked it because they felt like they were being handed the cliff notes version of the video - making their video watching experience more efficient and ultimately effective afterward when they could easily implement what they learned into their business. As a company we saw the average number of minutes watched increase and ROI improve.

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