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Product Content


11 Instant Style Upgrades

from Rath and Co.

I supported the CEO, Julie Rath, as well as Designer, Steven Chu, to put the following FREE eBook together for men.


My role was to be the content strategist as well as project manager to ensure that we published on time.


Key Content Strategist Elements:

1. Readability -  Since the target audience was corporate men, who have busy lives, I wanted to make sure the content was easy to read. We made the tips short and to the point. Additionally, because branding called for the text to be white, I requested that it be made bigger and in bold.


2. Actionable -Since Julie Rath's audience are men in leadership positions, they needed to be able to take quick action and see immediate results. Thus, I worked with her to make sure that each tip could be completed within 30 minutes or outsourced to a tailor.  

Sample: 11 Instand Style Upgrades eBook

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