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XOCC Travel In Style

From conception to execution, I worked with the CEO, Crystal Cave, as well as Designer, Tina Jaro, and Copywriter, Joanna Cutrara to put Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Crystal Cave's Travel In Style eBook together.


My role was to be the content strategist as well as project manager to ensure that we published on time.


Key Content Strategist Elements:

1. Readability -  As an eBook, we knew that the majority of our readers would be reading it on their iphone, kindle or tablet, so I worked with the copywriter and the designer to set up the copy into short paragraphs.  Likewise, I worked with the designer on breaking up the copy with pictures and checklists. Lastly, considering that this is a Style Guide, I wanted to make sure that the content was easily consumable. Thus, we made sure to break down the content into multiple small sections.


2. Engagement - I advocated for a focus on engagement on two levels. First, to make sure that the layout of the eBook was engaging. To do this we added a lot of candid photos from Crystal's travels and included captions in fun yet readable (and on brand) script font.  Second, I wanted to make sure that readers knew how to engage with Crystal outside of the eBook content right away. So, instead of waiting to include engagement strategies in the overall call to action at the end of the eBook, we included a soft engagement strategy in the Welcome Letter from Crystal on page four.

3. Continuity and Vision - When skim reading or trying to find a particular section quickly, having continuity in the format of content is vital. Based on a survey we received from Crystal's list, we knew that our readers would want to quickly jump to certain sections of the eBook. For this reason I made sure that we included a table of contents, that each of the pages were numbered and that we treated each section as it's own chapter with a header page. Likewise, on each header page we made reference back to the bigger vision: That packing doesn't have to be stressful and that you can keep your self-care routines even while traveling. 

Sample: Travel In Style eBook

The first 15 pages are below

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