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XOCC Capsule Wardrobe Starter Kit

From conception to execution, I worked with the CEO, Crystal Cave, as well as Designer, Tina Jaro, and Copywriter, Joanna Cutrara to put Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist, Crystal Cave's Capsule Wardrobe Starter Kit eBook together.


My role was to be the content strategist as well as project manager to ensure that we published on time.


Key Content Strategist Elements:

1. BIG Why -  Since our target audience was women who were new to Capsule Wardrobes we wanted to bolster their confidence and help them to identify themselves as 'capsule wardrobe women' by diving into our BIG Why in the letter from the editor. I worked with Crystal and the copywriter to both acknowledge the current misconceptions about capsule wardrobes and to talk about the power in creating one for oneself. The result was a strong buy-in from the readers. Many were eager to take next steps.


2. User Education - When we originally surveyed Crystal's audience about Capsule Wardrobes, we found that many were confused about what they were and what garments made up a capsule wardrobe. Thus, we decided to create the starter kit and wanted to make sure we established a clear definition at the beginning of the eBook. You will find on page four a clear explanation of a capsule wardrobe including the history of the phrase.

3. Kit Elements - In addition to educating our followers on the ins and outs of a Capsule Wardrobe, we wanted to the eBook to be a true starter kit so that anyone downloading it could start their first Capsule Wardrobe immediately. Thus, we included as master checklist (which is not redacted) at the end of the eBook, on page 14 below.  We also included stylists tips and insights on color, style, fabrics etc. This way readers could make informed purchases based off this eBook alone. 

4. Call To Action - At the end of the book we included next steps. Here we included links to Crystal's free Style Archetype Quiz to help the women discover into their core desired style feeling (something discussed in the Big Why at the beginning of the eBook). Additionally, we shared Crystal's Style Icon Academy program, as an opportunity for readers to get additional style support  with minimal financial investment. Lastly, we included ways for readers to engage with Crystal on social media.

Sample: Capsule Wardrobe Jumpstart Starter Kit eBook

The first 15 pages are below

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