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From conception to execution, I worked with the CEO, Crystal Cave, as well as Designer, Chesley Marie, and Engineer, Brandi Bernoskie to put Crystal's Style School Online Membership Site together.


My role was to be the content strategist as well as project manager to ensure that we published on time.


Key Content Strategist Elements:

1. Microcopy -  Based on user feedback, having clear directions in the header on the welcome page is important. Thus, I requested that the play button on the welcome video be visible. Additionally, the copy at the bottom of the header that says, "Follow the steps below." gave a clear call to action on a members immediate next steps.


2.  Steps - I advocated for buttons with clearly (clean & simple) marked instructions. Again, you will find the "Follow the steps below."copy throughout the page guiding the user along. And, while the color of the font changes to stay engaging and on brand, I advocated for large enough font that it was easily readable on computer and mobile.


3. Navigational Nomenclature - One of the main attractions to Crystal's Style School is that members get access to a number of complimentary guest expert 'How To' videos. For example, Crystal partners with Kimmay Hurray a well known bra expert. At first, the designer had labeled the tab as simply "Guests". However, guests is too vague for the users. The users consider the guests to be experts in their field. Likewise, we want to make sure that notoriety is highly visible on the home page and is clearly different from 'bonuses'. So, I requested that "Experts" be added to the tab name.  Making sure they were clearly marked.


Similar shifts were made for the other tabs - "All lessons" instead of "lessons" "Grad Bonuses" instead of Bonuses (since they are not available to everyone) and "As a question" instead of "Contact". All shifts were based on user feedback from the beta version of the membership site.

NOTE: This is a Draft PNG of the Design. After the site was created, I went through and updated the description copy underneath each step title.

For example, under Step 2: Get On Facebook, it now reads: I’m so excited for you to meet all the other women in Style School. Please click HERE to join us in our private Style School Homeroom Facebook group and take a moment to introduce yourself. This is where to go if you’re feeling stuck because our beautiful sisterhood of women are here to support you.

Example: Style School Membership Site Home Page

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