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Whether you're organizing a physical event or an online launch, having sponsors can help make your event even bigger!


However, the idea of approaching a potential sponsor can feel daunting. So, to help you put together outreach emails to potential sponsors, I'm sharing an email outline I've used to help my clients get all kinds of sponsorships from financial sponsorships to gifts, name recognition and more.


Click HERE to get your hands on this email outline! 

I LOVE helping my clients get their message shared on 3rd party platforms.


When done right it...​

  • Creates backlinks to your website, improving your website's SEO standing

  • Positions you as a respected expert in your field,

  • Brings traffic back to your website

  • Increases your list through opt-ins, consultation requests, and even sales!

Click HERE to learn how to submit your guest post.

Public Relations:

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