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As a freelance writer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Molly on multiple projects. Being on a team with her is such a huge relief, and gives me confidence the project is going to be a success. Her steady and thoughtful guidance can simplify even a complicated launch. With Molly, I know that details won’t fall through the cracks, and that challenging situations will be resolved with plenty of love, expertise, and professionalism.
- Joanna Cutrara, Writing, Editing, Marketing, Communications. Helping you find your voice in a noisy world.
After working with Molly on multiple projects, I have to say, she is the sort of human you want to tackle any project, challenge, or issue. Molly’s organizational mind isn’t like most type-A’s; rather, she’s meticulous without being rigid. One of her biggest advantages is being able to go with the flow while simultaneously keeping everyone on task, and knowing when to push, back off, cheerlead, or even dive in and help. And that’s another reason I love working with Molly — not only is she willing to help, but she’s extremely talented in a lot of areas: writing (holy guacamole is she a good writer!!), editing, web-things, instruction, thinking through problems…you name it, she can make it happen.
No matter what you have cooking, I highly recommend seeing if Molly is available to work with you.
- Alicia Ostarello, Copywriter | Creative | Co-Founder of Vow Muse
"I absolutely adore working with Molly! From the first conversation we had I knew she was the one I wanted to entrust in helping me birth my dream project into reality. Right away, I felt like Molly really got my vision and helped me to see that the wild ideas swirling in my head were absolutely possible to create.  She just "got it" immediately and seemed just as passionate about it as I was. 
Molly's positive energy and encouraging vibe are everything, especially during the tough and challenging times that are sure to come up with any project and her expert (and creative) strategy ensures everything gets done well with ease in a way that reaches my ideal audience.
Most importantly, Molly has helped to execute things with grace and ease and has infused my launch process-- that was once stressful and filled with dread-- to something that actually feels fun, joyful, and SO supported."
- Stephanie Burg, Board Certified Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach

I brought on Molly as a Project Manager because I was impressed by her proven ability to manage multiple projects and keep individuals, myself included, on task. 


I loved working with Molly. Her skills and abilities are exceptionally well suited for navigating the often tricky waters of developing and growing businesses. And very importantly, she is an excellent communicator and exudes an enthusiastic and creative "can do" attitude and ability.


Molly knows how to makes things happen. With Molly we grew our mailing list, had articles published on The Huffington Post and Mind Body Green, launched a weekly podcast, and ran a successful crowd-funding campaign.


If someone called me for my opinion on hiring Molly, I'd say, "Go for it you lucky duck and thank me later."

- Kit Murray Maloney, Founder & CEO, O'actually

Molly joined our team as Project Manager to help organize a motivated and inspired team that needed additional focus and accountability to bring initiatives to completion.


She transformed our working processes and with her gentle but firm guidance, we were able to set realistic goals, plan out short term and long term road-maps and meet important deadlines. She makes lofty goals seem achievable by breaking them down into practical steps. She would create a framework of intermittent milestones that ensured momentum, kept up morale and got us to completion. 


Molly was more than just a Project Manager, she was a fearless positive team member that faced each challenge and initiative with creativity, organization, and dedication.


There is no doubt in my mind that Molly will be a tremendously valuable asset to any team, and any team would be incredibly lucky to work with her.

- Vigdis Bronder, Founder & Managing Attorney at Viking Law
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